March 14, 2016 Helping Victims Of Revenge Websites helping victims remove their names from and

Reputation Management Firm has just issued a statement due to the demand in removal requests from two revenge web sites called and is a Public Relations company that offers online reputation management services for individuals who have become victims of jilted lovers. serves as an open forum website that allows visitors to post the details of their past relationships, without confirming the accuracy of the content posted. Victims of are allowed to submit a rebuttal to posts that include their names – but those rebuttals never lead to the removal of the original post.

Another revenge website that is also utilized by jilted lovers is called – which serves as a credit bureau service for singles. With the likeness and functionality of a consumer review website provides the ability to post comments about an ex lover, as well as warn others against dating the same individual.

Brittany Davis a spokesperson for  announced that male clients make up the majority of their new client enrollments, because CheatersRus and have become the websites of choice for angry ex-wives and former girlfriends.

“For much of this quarter, our firm has received non-stop requests for help in removing names mentioned on the web pages of sites like and We also found it interesting that the majority of the people who reached out to us were men, yet request for help from women reported to the site has steadily increased as well. Due to the increase in demand for help removing victims from both revenge websites – we were forced to add additional staff for the first time in three years. It appears relationship websites like and are here to stay.”

The spokesperson from went on to say that when someone creates a post on a site like that post will remain permanently, unless actions are taken to have the link removed. Revenge websites like and are two of the nations leading sites used to post salacious detail of relationships that ended on a sour note – which only adds to the overall page ranking of in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you or someone you know has become a victim of a website like or then simply visit for online reputation management assistance.

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