March 01, 2016

Cancer Champ Toni Riss Launch Uplifting Community For Cancer Patients

Toni Riss founder of Bluelips will launch an Uplifting Community For Cancer Patients


Future Launch: Toni Riss Launches Uplifting Community For Cancer Patients.

When Toni Riss was diagnosed with breast cancer her doctor only gave her 90 days to live – that was over sixteen years ago. As a result of her day to day victories over breast cancer, Toni Riss has decided to launch a weekly online inspirational of positive thoughts for newly diagnosed cancer patients. The set release date for her online Uplifting Community for Cancer Patients is March 15, 2016. To join, simply visit the Toni Riss Facebook Fanpage.

On her Facebook fan page - Toni Riss has extended an open invitation to anyone who has been impacted by cancer, and is in need of positive interactions. A few of Toni Riss’s positive reinforcements that she has attributed to her daily victory over cancer are listed below.

  • Never say the word "incurable" think "incurably alive". We are all dying.
  • Laugh in the face of adversity. You will land on your feet. 
  • Listen to your heart and inner voice. Ask questions. If you are not comfortable don't do it.
  • Cancer is not you; do not let it dictate your path in life. You are still you.
  • Look for joy and give yourself gentle hugs.
  • When all else fails eat chocolate.

In a recent interview Toni Riss spoke of how she is convinced that positive thinking has contributed to her longevity and triumphant campaign over the physical symptoms of cancer.

“The majority of people that survive cancer are those with positive mindsets and have continuously prayed for internal strength to fight the disease. Although the effectiveness of spiritual treatments of cancer is still debatable, the effectiveness of positive thoughts and humor remains the leading tool I have used in my fight against this deadly disease.”

Toni Riss went on to mention that findings released in a 2005 Mayo Clinic study also explored the link between a negative outlook and physical health. Participants who scored within the top 25% for pessimistic thinking and anxiety were more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease in later life. Even more striking: another Mayo Clinic report revealed those deemed ‘very pessimistic’ increased their risk of dementia by 30 percent.

Toni Riss’s positive thoughts for cancer patients will launch as a free community to assist newly diagnosed cancer patients with encouragement and emotional support from other survivors. If you or someone you know would like to join this free community for cancer patients, then please visit and connect with Toni Riss Fan Page.




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