July 28, 2016

BailBondCity.com Mugshot Removal Check Out Page

How To Remove BailBondCity.com. New mugshot removal check out page.

It’s Finally Available! There is now a way to remove booking information like mugshot photos, and charges from the first page of Google quickly and affordably.

Recently two websites have emerged that aggressively and consistently collects bail bond information like arrest date, mugshot photo, charges that gave cause for the arrest, and the actual bail amount. In some states like Florida and Texas arrested individuals are finding that sites like WhoPostedBail.com and BailBondCity.com are posting multiple arrest mugshots for arrestees who have more than one arrest in a 25 year period. These sites don’t just post the mugshot of recent arrestees, unfortunately, they also publish the recent addresses as well.

RemoveSlander.com has announced that they are now providing much-needed mugshot removal help from a website called BailBondCity.com. A spokesperson with RemoveSlander.com says for a limited time newly enrolled clients can take advantage of a 10% discount to remove their booking photos, and arrest charges from BailBondCity.com

BailBondCity.com Check Out

The reason sites like WhoPostedBail.com and BailBondCity.com are able to post-arrest information online is due to Transparency Laws that mandate - all matters of the court are made easily available for public access. That’s right, what was intended as a public safety amendment, has resulted in the bulk upload of millions of records to Search Engines like Google,Yahoo, and Bing.   

In a recent interview, Aston Carlyle (spokesperson for RemoveSlander.com) says his firm has perfected the art of keeping their client’s personal information off mugshot websites like WhoPostedBail.com. Carlyle went on to say it’s not the first time they have tackled an aggressive date collection website, and it won't be the last.

“Since 2009 we have watched mugshot websites come and go but the one thing that remains consistent is the humiliation they cause if our clients once they discover their arrest information on the first page of Google. At RemoveSlander.com we pride ourselves in getting arrest information deleted from 3rd party websites as quickly as possible, and in some case, that means getting the page taken down the same day!”

How To Remove BailBondCity.com

If someone has discovered a mugshot from BailBondCity.com or WhoPostedBail.com then RemoveSlander.com has made the removal process affordable and fast. Negative Images and Link Removal in 3 Easy Steps!

STEP  1: Visit RemoveSlander.com and Enroll Today

STEP 2: During enrollment provides the mugshot link that contains personal information and images.

STEP 3: RemoveSlander.com will work around the clock to have that information removed from the internet by any means possible or  clients receive a 100% refund.


About RemoveSlander.com

Founded in 2009 as a Public Relations Firm specializing in negative content suppression and removal. Based out of New Orleans Louisiana, with clients spanning around the world – RemoveSlander.com has emerged has the most trusted and reliable Reputation Management Firm in the industry. Featured in the New York Times coverage for the Mugshot Industry, CNN, as well as a full-length interview with ABC World News - RemoveSlander.com remains an undisputed expert in online brand protection and personal search results management.

All services offered through RemoveSlander.com come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – that assures newly enrolled clients have nothing to lose - but the mugshot humiliation. If you or someone you know arrest information is currently on the site like BailBondCity.com and you would like it removed, simply visit RemoveSlander.com today and bail out of the internet for good. 

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